United In Diversity with Gajah Tunggal Group Support, Donates Medical Masks and Personal Protective Equipment to Yayasan Benih Baik Indonesia

JAKARTA- Yayasan Upaya Indonesia Damai or also known as United In Diversity (UID) on Friday morning (5/06) handed over donations of 50,000 medical masks and 10,000 personal protective equipment (PPE) to the Yayasan Benih Baik Indonesia which was received directly by its leader, Andy F. Noya. The handover ceremony was held at Metro TV's Grand Lobby, Kedoya, West Jakarta.

Yayasan Benih Baik Indonesia (YBBI), founded by Andy F. Noya and his friends, is engaged in facilitating voluntary community fundraising activities (philanthropy) and channeling it to those who need it, especially for the basic needs, education, health, and developing economic potential. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, YBBI also promoted a campaign to wear masks and distribute food aid.

UID, a foundation that is co-founded by Gajah Tunggal Group, donates masks and PPE to YBBI who are still actively carrying out its mission in the midst of the emergency situation of the COVID-19 epidemic. These donations are part of millions of masks medical that has been and will be distributed to the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19, a number of local governments, the Indonesian Red Cross, the TNI and POLRI, as well as to other community communities.

The President of UID, Mrs. Tuti Hadiputranto, expressed her appreciation to YBBI for continuing to carry out its humanitarian activities even under the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. She believes that YBBI, which is also aggressively campaigning to break the chain of the spread of the plague, can invite the public to be ready for a new normal order to adapt to COVID-19. Mrs. Hadiputranto stated that Gajah Tunggal Group supports the government, as well as communities like YBBI, to socialize and practice the new normal protocol.

President Director of PT Gajah Tunggal, Mr. Sugeng Rahardjo, said that his side tried to always care and contribute in handling humanitarian problems such as the COVID-19 pandemic. With the support of social organizations such as YBBI and other components of society, as well as the support of the business community, he is optimistic that the steps taken by the government to enter normal life can only be carried out in an orderly manner, with behavior that is in accordance with the prescribed protocol.

Posted on 06 July 2020.