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2015 UID-SDSN Indonesia Solutions Initiative Winner Awarded to
The Learning Farm for their inspiring work
"Planting the Seeds of Change: Organic farming skills to empower disenfranchised Indonesian youth"

The Learning Farm aims to develop Indonesian vulnerable youth to become economically self-sufficient and productive members of communities. Through organic farming and other valuable life skills, TLF transforms participants' values, outlook, and expectations of self and community and equips them with marketable skills whilst working and participating in a purposeful, communal environment.
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Telapak Indonesia
"From illegal logging to community logging"

Telapak is successfully transforming illegal loggers into caretakers of green forest environment by using a combination of Forest Stewardship Council certification, the establishment of community-run governance bodies, and improving the livelihoods of forest-dwelling communities. 
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Ibeka Foundation
"Sustainable community power energy using micro hydro project"
IBEKA mainly uses small hydro power technology (micro and mini hydro) as an entry point for community development activities. This provides access to an affordable and reliable electricity supply for rural communities and facilitates the community's capacity and equity building based on their local resources.
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Rachel House
"Palliative pediatric care for marginalized children"
Yayasan Rumah Rachel ("Rachel House") is a pediatric hospice providing end-of-life care for children with life-threatening conditions such as cancer and HIV. Allowing them to live with joy and dignity in a non-discriminatory, safe and loving environment.
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LSM Meaka Wakatobi
"Innovative Seaweed Farming" is an initiative by MEAKA; community organization that focus the technical assistance for seaweed technology and the seaweed cage to facilitate seaweed seed, not only to overcome the coast environment degradation but also improve economical aspect of local community by improving seaweed harvest quality.
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Misool baseftin
"Safeguard biodiversity thru community empowerment"

Raja Ampat's reefs lie at the epicenter of marine biodiversity, in the heart of the Coral Triangle. The region is home to 75% of the world's known coral species, and close to 1,500 species of fish. Missal baseftin used Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) solution for monitoring the large Marine Conservation Zones in Misool Raja Ampat-Papua.

success at this project creates a fantastic opportunity to replicate in other key conservation areas all over Indonesia, marine no take zones, preventing illegal logging in protected forests, monitoring near shore fisheries and many other applications.
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