Just a Survivor or Will Be a Hero for Life Post COVID-19 Pandemic?


 By: Kang Yoto - UID 


Pandemic COVID-19 has made the business world suffer, especially SME even to the point of bankruptcy and few survive. Kompas newspaper (July 16, 2020) mentions 3.9 million new poor people, 63 percent of the informal sector because it failed to adjust to the situation due to COVID 19. Only 9 percent survived thanks to the ability to use IT.


Like Darwin's Theory, not the strong, big, and fast who will survive, but who is able to adapt to new situations. COVID-19 has dramatically changed consumer behavior (the 4 mega shift): 

  1. Stay at home as a lifestyle;

  2. Referring to the Maslow pyramid: consumers shift their needs from the top of the pyramid to self-actualization and esteem to the base of the pyramid namely eating, health and body and soul security, (bottom of the pyramid);

  3. Consumers avoid physical contact with humans and switch to using virtual media (go Virtual); 

  4. The birth of a new society full of empathy, compassion, and full of social solidarity (empathic society), Yuswohady et al (2020). From the Kompas report and changes in consumer behavior, it can be read that currently there is 9 percent of SME entrepreneurs who can survive adapting: responding quickly to new lifestyles and with the ability to use IT. This phenomenon can be expanded with new moves in practice in various companies to maintain income.

Survive by adapting is important, but more importantly how to survive (sustainable). Survival of fittest in Darwin's theory operates from the ego system. Encouragement for survive that gives birth to the desire to create profit. For this, anything will be done including exploitative actions towards nature and humanity. While covid 19 is an unintended concequence of the exploitative model of the behavior and mental industrialization that operates with the ego system. For this we need a mental model and an operating system that allows mutual benefits, happiness for all, and a better world life. Better business better world.


The movement to realize a better business better world challenges all parties to become new heroes for life. The new heroes is the champions who creating added value and profit for life together, through collaborative eco systems that grow in a sustainable way.


It is in this context to be part of the better world better business initiative, so it is important to start with questions that may be disturbing to the subconscious. Because it involves the spiritual and mental aspects of the model that we have long believed. Here are some questions to ponder:

  1. What is the deepest intention of digitization: profit alone, profit in groups, benefit together, benefit life? (Collaboration for sustainable life!) What is behind this intention?  Which party has this awareness? How to invite and ensure the parties are actively involved generatively? Who are the parties in question? How big is the reach or extent of the ecosystem? 

  2. What is the current situations that posible to transform for better business and better world?

  3. How to ensure frame work digitalization will fulfill the intention number 1?

  4. What are the value prepositions offered? Who has the most to gain from the value proposition? 

  5. What is their respective role in this collaboration?

  6. What are the evaluation mechanisms, joint learning lessons, and continuous improvement?

Lets go and enjoy the journey!


Jakarta, 22 July 2020

Posted on 22 July 2020.